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Resume Writing

Level 5 (Approx. High Intermediate ESL)

Level 6 (Approx. Advanced ESL)


  • The resume template is provided as a separate Word document
  • Referenced videos are here (  Referenced material starts at time index 24:20
  • All other referenced documents (including these sample resumes provided by DEED (MN Department of Employment And Economic Development) are included at the end of the PDF file.

Activity/Product 1

Activity/Product 2

Activity/Product 3

Activity/Product 4

Activity/Product 5

Culminating Activity

What is a Resume?



Examine resume examples to list what is included on a resume

Worksheet w/ definitions and cloze-gap activity w/ video

Classmate Interviews - Grid

Students interview classmates about current and previous jobs and current/previous education

Students create grammar for questions

Students ask/answer and fill in grid

Students write statements about similarities

Resume Reading

Students read 2 passages

Students fill out answers regarding passages

Students continue to gather information about themselves for their resume.

Resume Do video and Resume Don’t video

Brainstorm on knowledge of resume

Helpful hints for Resumes

Note taking during video

Fill in cloze/gap sheet while watching video

Make poster or bulletin board of dos and don’ts

More resume vocabulary sheet

Personal Information Sheet

Table of “Resume Verbs:

Students fill out person information sheet in class

Students have “homework” to fill in missing information

Show students how to find missing information w/ Google searches

Write a Resume

Students will use a template to create a resume in MS Word (computer lab or COW in room)

Students will print resume

Advanced students can send it as attachment to e-mail

Students fill out resume