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Exploring Careers–Power Point Presentation - Download the complete lesson plans at the bottom of the page.

Level 5 (Approx. High Intermediate ESL) and Level 6 (Approx. Advanced ESL)

Please Note: This lesson references the video Mohawk College - How to Give Good Presentations with Dennis Angle [Google Search].  This is generally available on YouTube.

Activity/Product 1

Activity/Product 2

Activity/Product 3

Activity/Product 4

Culminating Activity

Dream Career

- Pre self- valuation

- Students perform scavenger hunt on to see what it has to offer

Journal Writing & Watch Teacher created PowerPoint (PPT)


- Students write about their dream career in journals-

- Students watch teacher created PPT and take notes on what are the areas covered.

Students watch video on giving a good PPT presentation

- Cloze/Gap activity on what makes a good presentation

Students Create PowerPoint

- View for PPT help

- Students create a 6 – 8 side PPT

- Students practice PPT w/partners

Student Presentation to Class

- Students present PPT to class

- Classmates fill out Presenter Rating evaluation form for each presentation

-Post self- evaluation