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Five-Year Narrative

Every five years, adult education consortiums in Minnesota must submit a comprehensive program narrative to the Minnesota Department of Education. The narrative is an overview of programming, policies, accomplishments, and future goals and plans. The Minneapolis Adult Education Consortium submitted its current narrative plan on June 1, 2015. Each section of the narrative, along with attachments, can be downloaded below.

Section One: Program Overview (Document A)
Section Two: Program and Student Accountability

B. Student Orientation and Registration Policy
C. Assessment Policy
D. Student Attendance Policy
E. Student Attendance Contract
F. Sample Student Attendance Sheet
G. Student Registration Form
H. Personal Education Plan Form
I. Volunteer Orientation and Training Plan

Section Three: Staff and Professional Development

J. Consortium Professional Development Plan
K. Administrative Staff Professional Development Plan Example
L. Support Staff Professional Development Plan Example
M. Instructional Staff Professional Development Plan Example

Section Four: Instructional Program Description

N. Instructional Program Course Descriptions

Section Five: Program Governance and Coordination

O. Annual Consortium Agreement

Section Six: Program Partnerships and Collaboration

P. Local Workforce Center MOU
Q. Workforce Investment Board Members
R. Current Regional Plan for Transitions Aid

Section Seven: Technology and Distance Learning Plan (Document S)

Section Eight: Future Plans and Issues (Document T

Section Nine: Annual Consortium Grant Application (Documents U, V and W)

U. Annual ABE Grant Application
V. Consortium Sub-Grantee's NRS Table 4s
W. Current Grant Assurances

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MN 55411
Main Office
(612) 668-1863
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