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Which test is used in Minnesota?

Minnesota is currently a GED® 2014-only state for high school equivalency testing purposes. Other states may offer a different test or combinations of tests for this purpose.

Who is eligible to test?

Anyone 19 or older may test in Minnesota with appropriate ID. Seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds may test after having first obtained an age waiver from the Minnesota Department of Education. View age waiver instructions and application form. Test takers must not be enrolled in a K-12 program at the time of testing and may not already possess a high school diploma; there are some rare exceptions.

What is an appropriate ID?

A current, valid, government-issued photo ID is required to test. It must have the same address as the one used when setting up the account online. Examples include a Minnesota or other state’s driver’s license, passport, Minnesota State ID Card, Tribal ID, or Military ID. Unusual situations are handled on an individual basis.

How do I get started?

The test can only be taken on computers in specialized testing centers. To get started, you must open an account with the GED Testing Service®. A valid email address is required. There is no charge for creating an account.

Note: If you are 17 or 18, the system will stop you from further registration once you enter your birthdate until you complete the age-waiver process. You will be directed to the appropriate page on the Minnesota Department of Education website to find instructions and the application form.

Is there help available to prepare for the tests?

Minnesota has Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs available throughout the state that provide GED® preparation. The preparation programming is free, although some programs charge a nominal registration and/or materials fee. To find a program near you, contact the Minnesota Literacy Council at 1-800-222-1990.

How do I find a testing center?

Once you have created an account, you will find many resources at the Minnesota Literacy Council site, including features for locating a testing center and scheduling a test. You may also call Minnesota’s hotline at 1-800-222-1990.

How much does the test cost?

There are four tests in the battery: Reasoning through Language Arts; Mathematical Reasoning; Social Studies; and Science. Each test is $30. The total battery is $120. Tests can be taken and paid for individually or in multiples.

Is there any financial assistance available?

GED Testing Service® currently is offering substantial price reductions for up to two retakes per content area test.

Are there practice tests?

Yes. The GED Testing Service created practice tests (called the GED Ready) that are available to you once you log into your account. There is usually a fee for the practice tests of approximately $5 per subject area. ABE programs in Minnesota may make practice tests available at no charge. The GED Testing Service sometimes offers promotions that reduce or waive the practice test fees. Check the GED Testing Service website for details.

Besides ABE, are there other ways to prepare?

Study guides can be found in libraries, bookstores and online. Some are very good and some do not provide accurate information. Be very careful of potentially fraudulent offers—especially online. Contact MDE to ask about specific offers.

What scores must I get to pass?

A minimum score of 145 is necessary on each of the four content areas.

What if I get 145 on some but not all of the tests, do I have to start over?

Once a score of 145 is earned on any subject, that score stays on record, pending completion of all four with scores of 145 or better.

How many times can I take each test to get the necessary scores?

Each content area test can be taken up to three times before a waiting period is required. The waiting period allows time for further preparation before a fourth retake. The current waiting period is 60 days after the third try, then 60 days after the fourth try.

Is there a waiting period during the first three tries?

Not in Minnesota.

Is there a charge for re-tests?

Yes. Currently, the GED Testing Service pays for two-thirds of the first two retakes, so you will pay $10 for each test retaken.

Once I pass, who issues the diploma and transcript?

Scoring is done by the GED Testing Service/Pearson. Files of scores taken in Minnesota are then sent electronically to the Minnesota Department of Education, which issues the diploma and initial transcript.

How do I request additional copies of my records?

Only one duplicate diploma is issued, so keep your original diploma safe. The Minnesota Department of Education keeps records on duplicate diplomas and will not issue multiple copies.

Subsequent copies of transcripts for postsecondary applications, employment, military, etc., may be requested from the Minnesota Department of Education and are available at no charge. Request a record.

I have a disability. Are accommodations available?

Accommodations are available to qualifying individuals based upon documentation required by the GED Testing Service. Apply for accommodations. Assistance with this process can be obtained by contacting Brad Hasskamp at (651) 582-8594. PANDA, a supplemental service provider for the Minnesota Department of Education’s ABE Office, can also help. Contact PANDA.

What if I tested in another state?

If the other state was a GED® state and you took GED 2014 tests there and now want to take GED 2014 tests in Minnesota, your profile must be changed in the online account to reflect a desire to test in Minnesota. Minnesota currently does not recognize high school equivalency tests other than the GED®, so if tests taken in another state were not GED 2014 tests, they would not be valid in Minnesota. You would have to start over with the 2014 GED®.

Do all GED® states have the exact same policies?

No, some have residency requirements; Minnesota does not. Some require a certain score on GED Ready™ Tests before a person may take the actual tests; most Test Centers in Minnesota do not. Some states impose waiting periods between tries one and two and between tries two and three; Minnesota does not. In some states, scores are only “good” for a certain period of time (for example, two years); currently, Minnesota scores on the 2014 GED® Test Battery do not expire.

What if I still have questions?

Contact Alice Smith – GED Administrative Support – 651-582-8446.

Source - MN Department of Education