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Volunteers usually tutor in morning, afternoon, or evening classes. The subjects include ELL (ESL), math, writing, reading, and computer basics. Sometimes there are other classroom and non-classroom options as well. Volunteers might work with individuals, small groups, or the entire class. It depends on the volunteers' preferences and the teachers' needs. Some jobs require circulating through the classroom. The length of the class varies between 1 and 3 hours. The volunteer coordinator will give you details of classes that fit your interests and schedule.


Apply -- Complete the online application form. See below.

Interview -- Attend a one-hour orientation. This includes a tour, classroom visits, and information about volunteering and training. 

Training -- Complete a 2-3 hour online tutor training, provided by the Minnesota Literacy Council.

Classroom Visit -- Visit a classroom for the entire period. Afterwards, let the volunteer coordinator know how your experience was. If you and the teacher decide to work together a schedule will be arranged.

Volunteer -- Volunteer once a week for 3 months or 30 hours. Service learners participate for 20 hours or more, depending on their requirements. Summer school is a commitment of 4-6 weeks.


Online Form or Mail-In Form


North Campus
1250 West Broadway
Minneapolis, MN 55411

South Campus
2225 East Lake Street
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Father Project
2700 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

For more information, contact the volunteer coordinator, Ellen, at or 612-668-3984.