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Exploring the Reasoning Through Language Arts Module

The MN GED® Writing Initiative (2013 - 2014) cohort has read research, participated in webinars, tried new teaching strategies, written reflections, and prepared presentations.  Watch for cohort members as they share what they have learned at presentations around MN.  Thank you Heather Indelicato and cohort members for making this year a success!  

NEW!  Materials correlation includes 2002 and 2014 materials.

Creating a Learning Plan

Take time to dig into the standards learners need to pass the writing portions of the GED 2014 and develop a learning plan for the students in your context. Presenters shared promising practices for instructional strategies for scaffolding student learning.

Creating a Plan for Assessment and Feedback

Everyone knows students make more improvement with quality feedback, but developing something that is useful and manageable can seem overwhelming. Presenters will share what effective feedback in writing looks like, promising practices for providing effective feedback, and explore how to use the GED writing rubrics in assessing student writing and providing feedback. Practitioners will have guided time to begin developing an assessment and feedback system for their context that is effective and sustainable.

Episode 1: Writing for the Social Studies Test

This webinar reviews requirements of the extended response for the 2014 GED Social Studies test. It discusses resources and activities for teaching students to successfully write their response.

Episode 2: Identifying and Evaluating Evidence

Reviews strategies for identifying and evaluating evidence with learners at various skill levels

Episode 3: Paraphrasing Evidence

This webinar will review strategies for paraphrasing to improve writing skills, increase comprehension of challenging reading material, and become better test-takers. We will discuss activities to scaffold writing and review the components of teaching students to paraphrase as they read academic passages. Participants will receive materials to download for classroom use.

Episode 4: Writing an Argument

In this webinar, participants will learn about the basic structure of an argument. We will explore some free online resources for finding readings about topical issues that could be used as the basis for practice with argument writing. The presenter will share some graphic organizers and sentence frames to help with scaffolding lessons. Participants will be actively engaged during this webinar and will complete a number of hands-on activities.