Minnesota is preparing learners for the 2014 GED® test!


GED Writing Institute at Fall Regionals!

With the increasing expectations of the GED® 2014, it’s important that the information, promising practices, and resources are available to as many people as possible. So this year, the Writing Institute has moved to the Fall Regionals. 


Session 1- Creating a Plan for Instruction (This is a two-part session): Take time to dig into the standards learners need to pass the writing portions of the GED 2014 and develop a learning plan for the students in your context. Presenters will share promising practices for instructional strategies for scaffolding student learning, examples of student writing at each level toward achieving proficiency in each standard, and a skill competency checklist for these standards.


Session 2- Creating a Plan for Assessment and Feedback: Everyone knows students make more improvement with quality feedback, but developing something that is useful and manageable can seem overwhelming. Presenters will share what effective feedback in writing looks like, promising practices for providing effective feedback, and explore how to use the GED writing rubrics in assessing student writing and providing feedback.

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