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GEAR UP Science Webinars

GEAR UP webinars have the dual purpose of providing GED® content review for teachers and providing related teaching strategies, including sample lesson plans and curriculum resources. Prior to each webinar, the Gear Up series offers “pre-work” readings and/or web activities that teachers can access in order to build their background knowledge before attending the webinar, as needed. 

Episode 1: Essential Science Toolkit

This engaging webinar will provide an overview of the content topics, focusing themes, and science practices covered on the 2014 GED® science test. The presenters will highlight essential science topics with instructional resources that will prepare students for the test. Also, participants will explore great online tools and resources for science instruction.

Episode 2: Preparing Your Students for the Science Test: Scientific Method

Scientific method isn't just for scientists; it helps students in so many areas of their lives and learning. It is also a critical part of your students’ success in passing the 2014 GED® science test. Not only is it needed in the multiple-choice section, but also it is essential to the short answer portion of the test. Participants in this webinar will explore the scientific method and how they can use it to help their students improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills. They will also get some very user-friendly lessons and ready-to-use resources to help students learn the scientific method.

Episode 3: Science Shorts - Writing Strategies and Resources for the Science Short Response Questions

The short answer questions are new additions to the GED science test. This webinar will not only provide an overview of the type of questions that students will encounter, but, more importantly, it will explore various science and language arts teaching practices that will give students more confidence when drafting their responses. The webinar will also address methods to assess the short answer questions and provide suggestions for feedback. Moreover, plenty of multi-level resources will be reviewed during the session that you can immediately utilize in your classroom.