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2014 Fall Regionals - Writing Institute

The Writing Institute is a day-long professional development opportunity on writing insruction. Throughout this training participants reviewed the writing for the 2014 GED extended response items, looked at the connection between GED and the CCRS, explored teaching strategies for the competencies needed to pass the 2014 GED and be college and career ready. In this section teachers will find the PowerPoints and other resources that were shared during the Writing Institute workshop sessions.

Creating a Plan for Assessment and Feedback

document Assessment & Feedback Workshop PPT   --  Take a look at the characteristics of effective feedback, practice using rubrics and communicating feedback to students, and explore strategies that other teachers are using for assessment and feedback.
PDF Assessment & Feedback Handouts 1   --  Accessing the source texts for the 2014 GED Ready extended response prompts
PDF Assessment & Feedback Handouts 2   --  Reformatted rubrics for the 2014 GED extended response questions for RLA and Social Studies, simplified rubrics for general classroom use, and practice using rubrics with student writing
PDF Assessment & Feedback Handouts 3   --  A sample of questions to give students feedback about, sample worksheets to provide focused and balanced feedback for RLA and Social Studies, an example of classroom activities for providing feedback, an example worksheet for use with peer editing, and practice providing feedback for student writing
PDF Assessment & Feedback Handouts 4   --  Suggestions for providing assessing student writing and strategies teachers are using to assess and provide feedback in effective and sustainable ways.