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2014 Fall Regionals - Writing Institute

The Writing Institute is a day-long professional development opportunity on writing insruction. Throughout this training participants reviewed the writing for the 2014 GED extended response items, looked at the connection between GED and the CCRS, explored teaching strategies for the competencies needed to pass the 2014 GED and be college and career ready. In this section teachers will find the PowerPoints and other resources that were shared during the Writing Institute workshop sessions.

Creating a Learning Plan

document Learning Plan Workshop PPT   --  Dig into the standards learners need to pass the writing portions of the GED 2014 and develop a learning plan for the students in your context.
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 1   --  A review of argument writing and an exercise to practice the extended writing for the 2014 GED
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 2   --  College and Career Readiness Standard (CCRS) anchors that apply directly to the Extended Writing for the 2014 GED and the GED competencies that are addressed by these CCRS with what it might look like at different skill levels
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 3   --  Some strategies for scaffolding writing instruction, a review of differentiation in the classroom, and an example of a text a different reading levels for use in a multi-level classroom
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 4   --  An example exercise for identifying themes and instructional strategy ideas for addressing the 2014 GED competencies for CCRS Writing Anchor 9
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 5   --  An example exercise for practicing paraphrasing and other instructional strategies that address the 2014 GED competencies for CCRS Writing Anchor 8
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 6   --  An exercise to prepare students for argument writing and other instructional strategies to address the 2014 GED competencies for CCRS Writing Anchor 1
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 7   --  An annotated writing sample provided by GED
PDF Learning Plan Handouts 8   --  Steps for Drafting a Constructed Response provided by GED